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Boudoir is Empowering

Clarke Scott
Clarke Scott

If you’ve never had a boudoir photoshoot it’s hard to imagine that it will be FUN, EASY, and EMPOWERING…

But this is exactly what all of my clients say after the shoot.


It feels empowering to face your fears and comes out the other side.

A boudoir session gives you the chance to look and feel amazing.

To face your fears and come out the other side stronger and more confident.

Self-esteem will increase and how you value yourself, too, will be higher as a result.

Boudoir is FUN

A boudoir photoshoot is also a tonne of fun.

From the planning of what to wear…

To rolling around on a bed looking amazing while having your photograph taken by a professional…

Boudoir gives you a chance to have fun, look amazing, and there are real-world physiological and psychological benefits.

Boudoir is EASY

Yes. I know…you probably don’t believe me when I say that it is easy but I promise you, it is easy

For instance, I often start a session by having a client lay on her bed with her head over the edge of the bed.

I call it the “underside down I’m too sexy for my…” pose.

Silly name yes but there is a reason I start this way.

1 – What can be easier than laying on your back?
2 – Directing you from this position is a good way to ease into the session.
3 – And EVERYONE looks great in this pose!

What I want to you understand is this…Boudoir is FUN, EASY, and EMPOWERING.

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