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Boudoir Photography Lets You See Your Own Power

Clarke Scott
Clarke Scott

Boudoir is one of those experiences that you just want to have and you can go back in time and say to yourself like, I did that, like me, right because we all have this.

(The words below are the words so beautifully spoken by my client. I hope you are inspired what she has to say. I know I was.)

I shouldn’t say all but a lot of us think of ourselves in a much dimmer light.

We are very much like…I’m like, I’m never enough going to like, I could never do that. You know, it’s always that’s not possible, right? But then you do something like a boudoir photoshoot.

And it’s something that’s like available to you here. Like you don’t have to do it. You don’t have to go. You don’t have celebrities doing it look glamorous and everything like that. It’s like no, like, this is something that’s available to us here now. And it’s something that is incredibly empowering.

It’s one it’s like one of those things you can take off your bucket list, you know, and you and again, when you’re at it’s like oh, like I highly recommend that like what’s the reason behind that?

It’s like you just it feels incredibly liberating.

It’s like then you can go back to this part of that. It’s just a reminder, it’s not like one of those things on a vision board is like Oh, I wish I had this. I wish I had that. You literally open yourself and you’re reminded of your own power and your own authenticity.

And it’s just something I don’t think anyone really should pass up. It’s right. It’s I think there’s still a taboo around it. Right? I just like to be like in that state you know, and it’s in my question is like, What’s so wrong about that? Really, like what is so wrong about wanting to be in lingerie or I’m falling freeform you know?

Just with a sheet, you know, and what is so wrong with wanting to like, express myself? This way. I don’t get to do it every day, and it’s really special. And like that’s what it felt for me so really special and just thinking about it again.

It gets me emotional just because this is something I thought I’d never do. You know I never do this. But I’ve done it. And there are no regrets behind that.

And it’s just such a liberating feeling.

And I hope a lot of people give this gift to themselves because it’s really a gift.

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