Boudoir photography – stepping outside your comfort zone

Clarke Scott
Clarke Scott

Stepping outside your comfort zone!

In the era of selfies…

Many of us have hundreds of photos where we just look bad.

And this can sometimes get us to start thinking this really is how I look.

So I always make it a point to show clients the back of my camera early in a photoshoot.

I do this because I want them to know how I am seeing them.

The look on their faces and the sense of relief, and even surprise sometimes, is all very real.

I do this because I want my clients to know this is how they look.

It’s not photoshop. It’s you.

Stepping outside of your comfort zone to have your own boudoir photoshoot is a powerful experience for many women as it is the first time they have been professionally photographed this way.

When you will step out of your comfort zone?

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