Why Boudoir Photography is an Important Genre

In this video, I go into why I think boudoir photography is an important genre of photography. For me, and this is something I’ve known for some time but, boudoir helps people see themselves in a different way than they might normally.

The power of seeing yourself from this different perspective is that it can help undermine the habit of negative self-talk and all the negative patterns that can arise from this in a fun and empowering way.

And I think this last point is often missed. That is to say, for something to help psychologically it will do so if we have fun and feel great through the process. And boudoir photoshoots are certainly that – fun.

I hope you enjoy the video that was a Live from the VIP Facebook group

I’d love to see you inside our VIP group where I share more about boudoir but also the fun stuff like an amazing rug I recently purchased, or the new sofa I got for the studio.

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