Why Boudoir Photography is Important

I’ve known for a long time what became extremely evident to me today while shooting and that is why boudoir photography is an important genre of photography.

So I have my little notes here, it’s probably going to be a little bit random and maybe also a little bit all over the place, but bear with me. It’s all based on logic, I think we’ll see.

So do our photography is important.

The reason why it’s important is in fact what I need to what I need to do is kind of sit a little bit of some information at the very start so often all of us we have this self image of who we are and it’s there’s a grasping like a psychological grasping that goes along with this self image.

So I am, you know I am this size and often what will happen is that we will grasp onto that, and it’s often very negative.

We can also grasp onto the positive aspects as well, in the grasping is not necessarily a good thing because it’s based on ego. But that aside, the negative thing is where it really becomes dysfunctional. And toxic in our own lives.

And so, what boudoir photography does in a really elegant and soft and gentle and beautiful way is that we have this self image of who we are and then we’re presented with something that often goes against, like, radically against the image that we have about ourselves.

And so what it’s doing psychologically it’s actually undermining the very, but at its at its root because it’s showing us the mistake that we’re making.

We’re able to end what happened was I photographed a woman today, and she’s extremely nervous. Everyone is when they first come in, but she was very negative.

She didn’t articulate it too much, but I could just have done this long enough now to know when someone is holding themselves in a way where they don’t feel comfortable.

In and connected to the body. And I showed her the camera more often than I normally do with most clients and she was just gobsmacked. She could not believe.

In fact, she at the very start, she was almost refusing to believe that that was her, even though I’m sure that’s you. That’s you right there. By the end of I’m sorry, I’m getting a little bit
I’m getting chills.

By the end of the session. I could see in her a real shift in her perception of herself that hopefully she’s able to let it penetrate penetrated deep enough that it will remain there for forever. I think it will.

But to me it really showed that just the power of being out of the power of an image the power of art to heal. So yeah, that’s I kind of wanted to say that and also that what that does, through the process of doing a session is that you are you’re you’re allowed in a beautiful and comfortable way to express a part of you that maybe it’s been undermined, invalidated, not by yourself, but also by others.

And if you’ve just joined I’m just I’ve got little lights here that I’m reading through because I didn’t want to miss anything. And so by allowing yourself to connect to your body, and then have someone photograph and show you, you were able to undermine the very the very root of the cause of the negative self talk.

And you’re also allowed to express how you see how you manifest the feminine aspect of every man or woman has both masculine and feminine and feminine to me will mean something very different, like my feminine femininity feminine.

So to kind of speak. The feminine aspect of me is obviously different than the feminine aspect of you because we are all like that even within women, there’s different kinds of femininity.

And so allowing yourself to express that and be connected with your body means that and I can show you how to do this just with posing as an example I can see here like really bloky or if I just you know, shift a shoulder all of a sudden I’ve gone from being masculine to feminine, simply through a pose.

But what I’m doing when I’m doing that is I’m connecting I’m connecting to my body in a certain kind of way that allows me to express that that part of me.

He’s the reason why it’s important. So that’s all well and good. It’s all very true. But here’s the reason why it’s important.

All of us live within the world. None of us live in isolation.

You’re and I wrote down here, this may or may not apply to you. Some of them will maybe all have a mother, a sister, a daughter, a wife, a lover, and a work colleague. We all have relationships with all kinds of different people.

We have parents, we have siblings, we have colleagues, we have friends, so none of us live in isolation and if you bring the negative self talk out into the world and into your relationships, then they affect the people around you.

If you have kids, then the way that you hold yourself the way that you perceive yourself. The negative self talk will leech on to your children, both boys and girls. And But the same is true for when you’re being more positive.

So and I wrote two final notes here, that it’s not just about being changing the way that you talk to yourself and being all everything’s like rosy colored glasses.

It’s not that it’s it’s actually about undermining at the root cause of the problem and reframing things so that there’s a quiet confidence so you don’t have to go around.

Loudly. There’s an error about you that is based on a confidence. And that confidence is coming from like a stability in your own psychology that’s come about through being connected to your true and authentic self. So that became very, very clear to me.

Today. And I wanted to share that with the group. So it also allowed me to express a lot of passion and a love for psychology and those kinds of things.

So hopefully, that made sense. Because it’s Sunday even though I don’t most the time 526 And kind of neck and actually, I’m just sitting here on the carpet, enjoying a lovely peppermint tea, soothing my soul back before I go home and eat some food.

So anyway, have a lovely Sunday afternoon.