Why I shoot boudoir photography

Clarke Scott
Clarke Scott

Boudoir photography is empowering: body, mind, and soul.

It reminds you that even though in your everyday life you may not always feel sexy and beautiful, you are a show stopper.

You are perfect, and it’s time for you to see that.

Boudoir is much more than photographs in lingerie!

It is a journey.

It’s changing the way you think.

It’s learning to see the best in yourself.

It’s knowing you’re flawed and realizing that’s what makes you perfect.

It’s conquering your fears and letting it all go and believing in yourself.

I am here to help you on the journey to falling in love with yourself, and probably, drop a few jaws in the process.

Why I Shoot Boudoir Photography

As a photographer, I always get the question… “Why do you shoot boudoir?”

And as a male photographer people project all kinds of crazy stuff onto me.

Truth is…

I got into boudoir because it doesn’t just empower you, it empowers me, too.

And I can probably best describe this by telling you a story about when I first got into boudoir and had to explain this to my mum.

I was showing her some images I’d taken with a client and I was explaining to her that I don’t see “big girl” or “little girl” …”hot or plain girl”…

I see the beauty of a human being.

I said to her that “it’s hard to explain but what I am trying to do with my work is to find the inner beauty that each human being has, and bring this out in photos.”

I expected her to say something like “…and women will pay for this?”

Instead, her response was…

“Well done my beautiful son. You will have many ups and downs but I feel confident you have found your niche…and will succeed. I love you very much.”

Then she hugged me. I almost cried.

And this was not how my mother talks to me normally, so I knew these images had moved her in some way.

She had felt the emotion and beauty…and she got what and why I was doing boudoir.

For me, my work gives me a sense of worth I’ve not been able to find elsewhere.

So now it’s your turn to take a leap and believe that you are worth it too.

You have earned this experience and you truly deserve it.

Now is the perfect time to see what power and raw beauty you have hidden just underneath the surface.

I cannot wait for you to see what you’re capable of.

Boudoir is an amazing experience that gives you permission to be yourself.

Fun, exciting, sexy, romantic, and everything else, you can’t put into words.

Turn off that nagging voice in your head and say hello.

I would love to hear from you.

kind regards,

Clarke Scott

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